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Introducing: Scoop Support

LA County's FREE poop scooping program that rewards local heroes who could use some help with their dog poop.

One-Time Clean

Our Scoop Support® program provides a hand-picked individual from our application pool every month to provide a FREE one-time clean up! There is no cost to apply or nominate someone.

Easy Application

Most applications take FOREVER to complete; not ours. We made our application 9 simple questions and it doesn't require any credit card or documents in order to receive help.

Our selection

Our program is limited on space and resources, because of that we pick based on impact potential - as in the person who could use the most help. The selection is subjective, biased, and there is no guarantee that your name will be drawn as the pool grows.

Who is it for?

Scoop Support® is free for anyone to apply, but it's especially aimed toward the heroes of our communities and giving back to those who already give so much.


Educators shape the future of our youth (and lets face it, babysit them all day). We know that dealing with the spawn of satan all day is crappy enough; the yard doesn't have to be. We understand!

Single parents

Single parents are the ultimate multitaskers, juggling jobs, kids, and a million other things with just two hands. They're playing the roles of chef, chauffeur, nurse, and night watch. The last thing their kids need is a minefield in their backyard.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers are our everyday heroes, always on their feet and saving lives. They’ve got enough messes to clean up in the ER & ICU. After a long shift, they deserve to come back to a clean yard, not another 'emergency' situation. We get it!


Counselors are the unsung heroes of our communities. They spend their days (and sometimes nights) helping others navigate through life's muddiest moments; the last thing they need is to navigate through a messy yard at the end of a long day.

Our work speaks for itself

In addition to our top-tier customer service, we take our time to make sure your yard is completely poop-free after every visit. Check out some of the transformations that we've provided customers over the years.

Drop Shadow
Drop Shadow

our customers are our fans

We've provided 100's of customers throughout the AV with quality poop scooping services. Since our inception, we've continually evolved to better serve you and your pups.

🎉Apply or nominate someone for a free clean!🎉

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