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About Scoops

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The Antelope Valley's Premier Pet Waste Removal Service

Scoops is a poop scooping service in the Antelope Valley, offering services for a ridiculously low price. We exist to serve our customers who need a hand dealing with the stresses of pet parenting!

When you sign up with Scoops, you will experience convenience and peace of mind knowing that your yard will be poop free week after week. Scoops instantly gives you back your time that would be spent gagging in the yard. With a Scoops subscription, you can come home to a clean and safe yard time and time again!

Where Do We Serve?

Lancaster, CA

Quartz Hill, CA

Palmdale, CA

Rosamond, CA

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How Does it Work?

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Give us a call, shoot us a text, or use our contact form to get ahold of us. Tell us how frequently you want your yard scooped and which of our available service days work for you, and we'll have you added to our route in minutes!

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After you're added to our route, we'll text you the day before service to remind you to unlock your gate. We'll also reach out when we're on our way so you can put your best friend(s) inside, if needed.

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We arrive at your place to take care of what you don't want to. We dispose of waste in your bins, but also offer optional haulaway services for ultimate peace of mind and smell. Out of sight, out of smell!

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