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How much does poop scooping cost?

We offer multiple scooping frequencies to give you the most flexibility. All our plans include up to two dogs. Waste is tossed in client trashcan, double bagged. Each additional dog is +$10/month.

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per month

two dogs included
Flat Rate Pricing
Poop-Free Yard
Free Treats

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Weekly Scoop

Our weekly scoop plan helps life stink less. We come by every week on your service day to take care of the crap around your property. We toss everything in your can double-bagged and ready for trash day.

Twice a week

per month

two dogs included
Flat Rate Pricing
Poop-Free Yard
Free Treats

Drop Shadow

Need your yard cleaned a little more often? If you're in West Lancaster/Palmdale, we can come out twice a week to keep your yard spotless! If your pups are out, we always have treats on hand.


Includes up to 10 thirteen gallon bags

Additional bags priced at $10/bag

Drop Shadow

One-Time Scoop

Our one-time poop scooping appointments are perfect for pet owners, realtors, and private communities. Minimum includes up to 10 thirteen-gallon trash bags. Additional bags priced at $10/bag.

Add-on services


Need a lil something extra in order to keep your yard extra fresh? We offer premium add-ons to make your experience even less crappy!

Deodorizing Add-On Service

Deodorizing Service

Is pup pee ruining your life? We offer a spray down every visit using vet-approved Thornel solution that is non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable, and safe for pets and humans❤️

Patio Rinsing Add-On Service

Patio Rinse Service

Concrete looking like crap? We can rinse off your concrete using our power wash nozzle. All we need is access to a working hose and spigot!

Pet Poop/Pee Repellent Add-On Service

Repellant spray service

Need your dogs to stop pooping in your garden beds? We offer a simple spray to keep your pups off the petunias.

Haul-Away Poop Scooping Service

Haul-away Service

Need that crap off your property all together? We offer an optional haul-away service for the smell-sensitive pet parents out there!

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