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The Best Poop Scooping Tools for Your Specific Needs

As pet owners, we all know the importance of picking up after our furry friends. It's not only a matter of keeping our neighborhoods clean, but it's also a matter of public health.

But, picking up dog poop can be a messy and unpleasant task. That's why having the right dog poop scooper is essential to making this chore as easy and efficient as possible.

In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of dog poop scoopers available and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of Dog Poop Scoopers

Claw Scoopers

Claw scoopers are probably the most common type of poop scooping tools out there. They're easy to use and work wonders for picking up poop on grass, dirt, and other soft surfaces.


Shovels are another popular option for scooping poop. Featuring a wide, flat spade, they can be super useful for scraping. These are great option for poop on sidewalks and concrete.


Rakes are a less common but effective option for picking up dog poop. They work best for picking up poop on grass and other soft surfaces.

Look Ma, No Hands!

Hands-free scoopers are a newer and more innovative option for picking up dog poop. They're comprised of a long handle with a bag attached to the end that automatically opens and closes around the poop when it's picked up. Hands-free scoopers are great for those who don't want to touch the poop directly and are convenient for picking up poop on the run.

Choosing the Right Dog Poop Scooper

When choosing a dog poop scooper, there are a few factors to consider:

Surface Type

Consider the surface you'll be picking up poop from. Claw scoopers are best for soft surfaces like grass, while shovel scoopers are better suited for hard surfaces like sidewalks and roads. Rake scoopers are best for grassy areas.

Dog Size

Consider the size of your dog when choosing a scooper. A small dog may produce smaller and softer poop, while a larger dog may produce larger and firmer poop. You'll want a scooper that can handle your dog's poop size and consistency.


Consider how convenient the scooper is to use. Claw scoopers are easy to use but require more effort to squeeze the handle. Shovel scoopers are less effort but require more bending over. Hands-free scoopers are the most convenient option but can be more expensive.


Consider how the scooper will be stored. Claw scoopers and shovel scoopers can be more difficult to store due to their size and shape. Rake scoopers and hands-free scoopers are easier to store.

Consider the surface type, dog size, convenience, and storage when choosing a scooper. With the right scooper, you can make this unpleasant task a little bit easier and keep your neighborhood clean and healthy. If you don't want to deal with any of those AND you live in Southern California, consider calling Scoops to take care of that crap for you!

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