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3 Fast Fixes for Helping Your Dog Go to the Bathroom on Time

Do you have a dog that just can't seem to make it outside in time for their business? We've all been there.

You're busy working or sleeping in on the weekend and before you know it, your pup has left you an unpleasant surprise. The good news is there are a few simple tricks you can try to get your dog on a more predictable potty schedule.

Read on for three fast fixes to help get your dog going to the bathroom on time.

With some consistency and patience, you'll be well on your way to fewer accidents and more peace of mind.

Choose the Right Location & Set a Consistent Potty Schedule

Establishing a regular bathroom schedule is key to helping your dog go at the right times. Take your dog out frequently, especially after they eat, drink or wake up. Most dogs need to go out at least 4-6 times a day.

For the first few weeks, you'll want to take your pup out about once every 1-2 hours. Yes, it's a lot of work but it will pay off! Slowly, you can extend the time between potty breaks as your dog's bladder control improves.

•Set a reminder or timer on your phone so you don't forget. Make potty times a habit and part of your daily routine.

•Watch for signs your dog needs to go like circling, sniffing, scratching at the door. Take them out right away.

•Once outside, choose a designated potty spot in the yard and take your dog there each time using a consistent command like "Go potty".

•Give lots of praise when your dog goes in the right area. Provide treats and belly rubs to help them associate going to the bathroom outside with positive rewards.

•Never punish your dog for accidents. Simply clean them thoroughly using an enzymatic cleaner to remove odors that might trigger another accident.

stick to the schedule for the first few months. Even if there are accidents, don't get frustrated. House training a puppy takes time and patience. But if you follow these tips, you'll get your dog going to the bathroom on time in no time!

Use Potty Commands

The location you choose for your dog's bathroom area is key to their success. Opt for a spot in your yard that your dog already frequents, if possible. Some good options:

- Near a fence or bush where they like to mark their territory. Dogs are creatures of habit and like to go in familiar places.

- Far from high-traffic areas. Pick a spot away from where people walk or play so your dog feels like they have some privacy.

- On a slope or hill. If there's an area in your yard where rainwater runoff collects, that's ideal since the smell will draw your dog to the area.

- Near a pathway. Place training pads or a designated bathroom along a route your dog normally walks in your yard. The location cue, combined with their usual routine, will trigger them to go.

Providing multiple options at first is best. Once your dog starts using one area regularly, you can remove the other spots to avoid confusion. Be patient through the process, especially for puppies.

Take your dog to the location, give the command to "Go potty," and reward them when they do. Repeat this each time they need to go out.

Stick to a regular feeding and bathroom schedule as much as possible. After your dog eats or drinks, take them directly to their area. Most dogs need to go out after waking up, so take your dog to their spot immediately to avoid accidents in the house.

With time and consistency, your dog will learn to head to the right location in your yard when nature calls. Helping them develop good habits from an early age will make house training much easier for you both. Keep at it and stay positive - you've got this!

Reward Successfully Going Outside

Using simple verbal commands when taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom can help speed up the process and avoid accidents in the house. Try using a specific phrase each time you go out, like “Go potty!” or “Do your business!”.

As soon as your dog starts to go to the bathroom, repeat the command and praise them enthusiastically by saying something like “Good potty!” or “Nice job, good business!”. Give them a treat right after they finish to help reinforce that going to the bathroom outside is the behavior you want.

Be patient through the training process. It can take several weeks of consistency for your dog to fully grasp what the potty command means and anticipate a reward.

Don't punish your dog for accidents during this time. Simply take them out more frequently and supervise them closely indoors. If there is an accident, just clean it up thoroughly using an odor neutralizer.

Once your dog has mastered going to the bathroom on command, you'll be able to take them out right before bedtime or first thing in the morning and have confidence they will go, allowing you both to get on with your day.

The potty command also comes in handy when traveling or in new places where your dog may be distracted.

Sticking to a regular feeding and watering schedule can also help ensure your dog needs to go out at consistent times, making potty training much easier. Limiting food and water intake before bedtime, especially for puppies, means fewer overnight accidents.

With patience and persistence, using a simple potty command can get your dog into a reliable bathroom routine and make life easier for you both. Keep providing positive reinforcement with praise, treats and play each time your dog goes in the right place. In no time, they'll be rushing to do their business on your command!

Reward Successfully Going Outside

To help encourage your dog to go to the bathroom outside, positive reinforcement is key. Reward them when they go in the right place.

As soon as your dog finishes doing their business outside, give them a small training treat and praise them enthusiastically. Bend down, pet them, and give them encouraging words like "Good boy!" or "Good job going potty outside!". These positive associations will help them learn that going to the bathroom outside is the behavior you want.

You should also give your dog a command like "Go potty" while they're doing their business. Repeat this command every time they go outside. This consistent training will teach them to go on command, making the whole process quicker and easier for both of you.

Once your dog has gone to the bathroom outside after eating or drinking, also give them some play time outside as an additional reward. Play with a favorite toy or give them some extra exercise and belly rubs. This positive experience will make them look forward even more to going out after meals or when they first get up.

The key is to lavish your dog with rewards, treats, praise, and play each and every time they go to the bathroom outside.

Be extremely consistent and patient through the training process. It can take weeks or months, but if you stick with the positive reinforcement, your dog will get better and better at going outside on a regular schedule.

Before you know it, your dog will be running to the door, eager to do their business outside and earn those rewards and extra play time with you!

With consistency and patience, rewarding your dog for going to the bathroom outside is one of the fastest ways to help improve their habits and get them on a regular toilet schedule.

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