Services & Pricing

We offer base pricing below, but may be adjusted depending on startup-fee, property size, terrain, access, amount of pets, or add-on services.

Prices good up to 2 dogs. Each additional dog +$1.50/visit.

Single Scoop

1 Scoop Per Week

Reliable scooping at an affordable weekly cost. Billed at the beginning of the month. Optional haul away service available.


per visit

Double Scoop

2+ Scoops Per Week

Does your yard need a little bit more attention than once a week? We can provide consistent service at an discounted weekly rate that will keep your yard looking like a yard, not a toilet.


per visit

One-Time Scoop

Scoop & Dip

Need your space cleaned for an event OR just because it's become out of control? We understand! We price our one time cleans based on a few different factors. Please contact us for more pricing!

Starting @ $70

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