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Terms of Service

Electronic Communication

By submitting a contact form, you agree to receive electronic communication via text or phone for details related to your account. 

You can cancel the SMS service at any time. Just text "STOP" to the short code. After you send the SMS message "STOP" to us, we will send you an SMS message to confirm that you have been unsubscribed. After this, you will no longer receive SMS messages from us. If you want to join again, just sign up as you did the first time and we will start sending SMS messages to you again.

If you are experiencing issues with the messaging program you can reply with the keyword 'HELP' for more assistance, or you can get help directly at

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please read our privacy policy: here


Payments must be submitted no later than the 3rd of the month unless an alternative payment schedule has been arranged with the customer. In the event of a special payment arrangement, invoices must be paid by the visit after the invoice is sent out in order to avoid service interruption.


Scoops does not set appointments for our subscribers, but rather designates service "days". We reserve the right to cancel your service at any point due to any circumstance.

Scoops reserves the right to alter your service day(s) if necessary.

Scoops will notify you of any cancellations/change in schedules/or missed days.

We scoop through most major Holiday's. If your service day lands on a Holiday we do observe, we will reschedule your service for the day before or after said Holiday. 

Referrals & Rewards

Referral rewards are applied to any account currently subscribed to our service. Only 1 reward credit will be applied to the subscribers invoice per month. No limit to the amount of referrals you can receive.

If referee is not a subscriber, we will apply a 25% off coupon to the referring parties next invoice.

Rewards can be earned through: reviews, social media posts, and referrals.

Neighbors within 1 mile who sign-up for our subscription will generate a special "2 free scoops" reward that will be applied to the referee and referrer.

Access Issues

Scoops will not service your yard if there are any hazards that would put our employees in danger (loose aggressive pets, explosions, laser-light shows, etc.).

If we do arrive and no one is home to address the access issues, we will charge a $5 access fee for the visit. You will only be charged for the access fee for that day, not the access fee and the service fee. This charge will be prorated on your next months bill.

Scoops will make our best attempt to work with you to remedy any access issues, but if the issues are unable to be resolved, we reserve the right to cancel service and refund you for the visits we did not make.

Your Information

Scoops does not and will not ever sell your information or provide it to 3rd party advertising companies. Your information is yours for the keeping.

Your Pets

Here at Scoops, we LOVE your pets. But not when they're showing teeth. If you know your dog is aggressive, we ask that you would keep them secured while we service your yard to avoid any confusion.

We value the safety of your furry family members, so we pledge to always keep your gates locked, our shoes covered, and our tools sanitized.

Due to the mobile nature of poop-scooping, you understand and acknowledge the risks associated with disease, sickness, and illness that can be transported from yard to yard. Scoops will not be held responsible for any lost pets due to sickness or disease.

Your Yard

We only scoop what we can see. We do not dig under bushes, leaves, or under rocks. If your yard is overgrown, unkept, or covered in trash, we cannot guarantee that every piece of waste will be removed.

For yards with rocks - we can usually work with most types of terrain. Pea rocks and small dogs do not mix well for us. Because not all yards are the same, if the waste in your yard is more difficult to take care of then normal, we reserve the right to request a price increase for the work moving forward.


We reserve the right to increase our rates at any time. If an increase is upcoming, we will notify you 1 month in advance to give you time to determine if you'd like to continue using our service or not.

One-Time Cleans

We set term limits between our one-time cleans at the same address. We require a 6 month waiting period between cleans. Minimum price is required regardless of how many bags are collected. Additional bags beyond the included bags will be charged at an additional by-the-bag rate determined before service begins.


Our invoices are sent out on the 1st to be paid by the 3rd. If invoice is not paid by the 7th you will receive a late fee of $25. If not paid by the 14th, your service will be cancelled. If your service is cancelled due to non-payment, we will require your previous balance, late fee, and start up fee of $40 in order to resume service.


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