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Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to discover some answers to frequently asked questions about our services

How Much Does Poop Scooping Cost?

Our prices range from as low as $13/visit to $30+ depending on your specific needs. Our average weekly customer spends roughly $17/visit. Two dogs are included in each plan and additional dogs are +$2/each. Difficult terrains such as rocks or wood chips are subject to an additional fee.

Where Do You Put The Dog Poop After Scooping?

We utilize customer waste bins and dispose of the waste double-bagged and tied off; ready for trash day! We also offer haul-away service for an additional $10/visit.

What Kind of Bugs Are Attracted to Dog Poop?

Flies, Ticks, and Fleas all love stagnant dog poop. It's the perfect medium for them to lay their eggs and create a larger problem.

Does Dog Poop Attract Rodents?

Yes! Rats and mice are quite fond of eating the dog poop as food.

How Long Does Dog Poop Take to Decompose?

Approximately 9 weeks. But within those 9 weeks you'll have 9 more weeks worth of poop. It really is a never ending cycle.

What Payments Do You Accept?

Credit, debit, and cash. We do not accept personal checks, Venmo, or Zelle. 

How Does a Poop Scoop Subscription Work?

Monthly subscriptions are paid 1 month ahead of time or billed per visit. We offer easy automatic payments and easy cancellations, so you can keep every part of your mind and hands off of their poop.

Late Payments

If payment becomes more than 2 weeks late, you may incur a late fee of $25 or your service will be discontinued until your account is brought back to current.

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

We reserve the right to cancel your service at any time. If you find yourself needing to cancel service, just give us a heads up and we'll part ways for now. We'll refund any unused service days back to the card on file.

What Do You Do About Holidays?

If your service day lands on a holiday, we will reschedule you for the day before or after said holiday.

Do You Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes! If we missed any spots in your yard, let us know same day and we'll come back to get what we missed!

Why Would You Skip A Scoop Visit?

We reserve the right to skip your day if access to your yard is blocked, deemed unsafe by staff, has a broken gate, or being behind on your payments.

Can't See, Can't Scoop

If your lawn is unkept, overgrown, or covered in leaves, we cannot guarantee 100% clean up. Please keep this in mind when scheduling service. We are not landscapers, we are waste removers.

Do You Scoop in Rocks and Mulch?

It's common for dogs to poop in rocky or mulch covered areas. If we have to scoop in rocks or mulch we charge an additional fee per visit.

What If I Want To Lock My Gate?

If your gate is locked we will not hop your fence. Please keep them unlocked on the agreed service day. We will send a reminder the day of so you have plenty of time. Or provide a padlock and combination.

Can I Keep My Dog In The Yard During Scooping?

If we get an introduction to the pup and they aren't aggressive we would love to see them each week!


Our staff loves dogs more than people most times, but we unfortunately will not enter a yard if the dogs outside are unattended by owner and we haven't had a chance to meet them beforehand. We have this policy in place to protect our staff from harm.

Discounts/Special Offers

Our promotions/special offers/discounts are only applicable towards our recurring accounts that are billed directly to a credit/debit card.

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